Jadeed Taleemi Falsafa By Masood Ashar


جدید تعلیمی فلسفہ
 تالیف:اقبال خان 
ترجمہ مسعود اشعر

Free Download or read Education Urdu Book “Jadeed Taleemi Falsafa” edited by Iqbal Khan and Translated in Urdu by Masood Ashar.The Urdu Translation book of  Modern theories of Education. Learning theories square measure abstract frameworks describing however data is absorbed, processed, and maintained throughout learning. Cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences, also as previous expertise, all play a vicinity in however understanding, or a view, is nonheritable or modified and information and skills maintained. Behaviorists scrutinize learning as a side of learning and can advocate a system of rewards and targets in education. Educators WHO embrace psychological feature theory believe that the definition of learning as a modification in behavior is simply too slim and like to check the learner instead of their setting and specifically the complexities of human memory. those that advocate art movement believe that a learner’s ability to be told depends to an outsized extent on what he already is aware of and understands, and also the acquisition of information ought to be associated severally tailored method of construction. Transformative learning theory focuses upon the often necessary modification that’s needed in a very learner’s preconceptions and view. Outside the realm of instructional scientific discipline, techniques to directly observe the functioning of the brain throughout the educational method, like event-related potential and useful resonance imaging, square measure utilized in instructional neurobiology. As of 2012, such studies square measure getting down to support a theory of multiple intelligences, wherever learning is seen because the interaction between dozens of various useful areas within the brain every with their own individual strengths and weaknesses in any specific human learner.

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