Istanbul by Muhammad Saeed Qustuntunia History of Turkey in Urdu



خلیفہ محمد سعید

Free Download PDF Famous historical stories of Turkey Urdu book title name “Istanbul” Authored by Khalifa Muhammad Saeed and Published by Qomi Kutab Khana in Feb 1983. Study History of Istanbul Turkey Qustuntunia and How it was vanquished Famous chronicled stories of Turkey in Urdu and read Muslim history in Turkey. Istanbul verifiably known as Constantinople and Byzantium is the most crowded city of Turkey and the nation’s financial, social, and memorable focus. Istanbul is a cross-country city in Eurasia. This book as long as 438 pages and file size 7 MB. You may be studied Urdu books Istanbul Se Rubat Tak and Qustuntunia Par Pehla Hamla.

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