Islamic Dynasties by C.E. Bosworth in Urdu Muslim History Book PDF

اسلامی سلطنتیں 
ترجمہ: یاسر جواد

An Urdu translation of English book of The Islamic Dynasties is written by C.E. Bosworth and translated into Urdu local language by Yasir Jawad and Published by Asif Javed Nigarshat Publisher Urdu Bazar Lahore. Islami  Saltanatain is the completes history of Islamic Dynasties or Muslim Dynasties a book story starting from starting from Islamic Khilafat Khulafa e Rashdeen, and history of Muslim Malokiat and Badashahat. This totally amended great manual expands upon a work that has been a foundation of Islamic examinations for a long time. It remains the best wellspring of clear, precise data on hundreds of years of Muslim dynastic history and the illustrious families in the Muslim world. Those going to the investigation of Islamic history out of the blue face a puzzling exhibit of rulers and traditions in the wide range of regions of Islam. This Urdu translated book gives an extensive and dependable reference hotspot for all understudies of history and culture.Islami Hakumatoon aur Hukumranun ke Harooj wa Zawal had ba had dastan Total ten chapters in this historical Urdu book. You can also read Tareekh Ul Islam by Shaykh Muhammad Mian and Islami Tehzeeb O Tamadun by Hammad Ul Hassan.

The following main topics in this book:

  • Muslim history
  • Islamic Caliphate 
  • umayyad dynasty 
  • abbasid caliphate (Iraq and Baghdad)
  • Spain and South Africa
  • Zarkhail Halal
  • Slave dynasty and Delhi Sultanate
  • Eygept, Sham, and Iraq
  • Fatmi
  • Hamdani
  • Mazeedi
  • Marwani
  • Aqeeli
  • Ayubi
  • Aal Saudia
  • Shaddadi
  • Tahiri
  • Saljoq aur Atabaig
  • Zangi
  • Ismaili and Asaseeni
  • Anatolia aur Turk
  • Room ke Saljoq
  • Qarmani
  • Usmani
  • Mangol ya Changezi
  • Chughtahi Ke Nasal
  • Qajar
  • Safvi
  • Zand
  • Afghanistan and Hindustan
  • Gaznavi
  • Ghori
  • Slatten Delhi
  • Mughal Empire history

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Islamic Dynasties Urdu
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