Islamic Dua Prayer For Protection (Hifazath) in Urdu


Morning & Evening Dua (Supplications) Urdu Book

حفاظت دعاوں سے

Dua to Allah, get Dua book in Urdu, Hifazath Duahun K Zarye PDF book Download. Islamic Dua Prayer for protection in the Urdu language. dua for success and Safety through Dua (Supplications), a beautiful Dua book with Urdu translation, morning & evening masnoon Dua prayer for all. Dua Cure for Evils and Black Magic. Dua e Manzil aur shaitani wasoso se bachne ki Dua, protection from biggest enemy Satan, Dua requesting for success, life, rewards, job and business. Total 5 MB file size and total pages are 45.  

Morning & Evening Dua (Supplications) Urdu Book

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