Islami Wazaif ka Encyclopedia By Syed Zeeshan Nizami PDF Free

Islamic Wazaif Ka Encyclopedia Pdf Urdu Book PDF Download written by Syed Zeeshan Nizami.This book Islamic Wazaif Ka Encyclopedia for Urdu perusers who are keen on learning top to bottom information about Qurani Wazaifs. This is in pdf format and contains best Islami wazaif that subtleties data about Qurani Wazaifs. An unquestionable requirement download for every single Islamic sibling and sisters. Wazaif or Wazifa is the reiteration of words, conditions, and sentences i.e., Names of Allah Asma Ul Husna, Names of Beloved Prophet, Peace arrive, or different thoughts which were performed by Aulia Allah, Darood Sharif, Ism E Azam.
 اسلامی وظائف کا انسائیکلو پیڈیا

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