Islami Sahafat Islamic Journalism by Syed Ubaid Slama Zaini

Islami Sahafat by Syed Ubaid Slama Zaini. Islamic Urdu book free download in PDF. Reform efforts are being made to integrate the society into the Islamic mould, it is essential that the teachings of the Islamic teachings of every sector of the society be summarized. Not only are they important departments, but they play an important role in influencing all other sectors. Therefore, it is important for this sector to be built on Islamic grounds, but unfortunately so far. No attention is being paid to this and no serious academic effort has been made in this regard. There is no strict prohibition of Islamic principles in this area. Have a significant impact lies, On the one hand, the moral standards of journalism and qualified journalists are being affected, and on the other hand, the deficiencies are leading the way in our society. It is the first book of its kind to be written on it. Fazal Mulif has realized the fragility of the situation and has taken up the task of reform of journalism and after many years of hard work and perseverance, he compiled the Islamic principles of journalism. This book is a unique and first book on its subject, all journalism students should study it and Merchandising services should be consumed in the service of Islam. May Allah Almighty accept this motive and increase the balance of beauty.
اسلامی صحافت
سید عبید السلام زینی

Islamic Journalism Urdu

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