Islam Pakistan Aur Jadeed Dunia Free Urdu PDF Books

 Islam Pakistan Aur Jadeed Dunia free Urdu PDF books download. Islam is not the name of a religion that not only emphasizes spirituality nor does Islam teach devotion. Islam is a complete system of life that fully embraces all the faith, intellectual, moral, and practical aspects of human life. The followers of Islam belong to a society that has a dignified life and a separate civilization, with diplomatic relations with other societies. The book “Islam and Pakistan and the Modern World”, commented by SM Shahid, is included in the syllabus of Allama Iqbal Open University. The course is comprised of 9 units and has a code number of 652. It describes the literal contextual concept of Islam to explain the unique values ​​of Islam and its beliefs, discrimination and political, social, economic and moral. The system is briefly discussed (m)
Islam Pakistan Urdu Books

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