Islam Main Ghulami Ki Haqeeqat by Saeed Ahmed Akbar Abadi

Islam Main Ghulami Ki Haqeeqat by Moulana Saeed Ahmed Akbar Abadi. Slaves tell him to be owned by another human being. In ancient civilizations, like Arabs, slavery was practised. Slaves used the word “Hed” in Arabic which was used in their true sense of God. The competition was done for his servant. Virtually the master was considered to be the slave of his slave. The word “Lord” was also used literally for the master. Slavery was not an institution of Islam. Islam inherited from society. Islam reformed it and gave slaves their rights. Slavery in the Middle East has nothing to do with Islam. The issue of slavery is a problem that lives in the language of intellectual Europeans and their objections to Islam. This is a very well-known weapon. In order to defame the light of Islam, intellectuals do not allow Europe any chance. In each of their books, this objection comes in great detail in the book “The Reality of Slavery in Islam”. Maulana Sayed Ahmad is the author of Akbar Abadi, the author of The Fazal, in which the reality of slavery and its moral, psychological and economic After discussing the Louvre it is said that when slavery began, what traditions were found in the nations before Islam and how they were made, its complete history, then Islam has left this custom due to the compelling conditions at that time. The renowned authors have briefly commented on the mass slavery of Europe, after keeping and reforming it and what is the most important of Islam.

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