Islam Ka Qanoon e Sahafat Dr Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi PDF

Islam Ka Qanoon e Sahafat, Quran aur Sirattul Nabiﷺ Ki Roshani Main Dr Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi PDF Urdu book free download or read online. Journalism is the process of researching an issue and then transmitting it to a wider audience, audience or audience, in audio, visual, or written form. Although there are many components to the meaning of journalism technically, the most important point that is related to journalism is to keep the public informed. In science, technology, and philosophy that set the stage for development, in the last centuries, their concept also seemed strange, the stages of communication in the field of communication, from electromagnetic waves to the air and the earth’s sources running. In the inventions that humans have achieved, It covered the long distances of the north and west of the world, and the whole world has been shaped like a “global village” that has been reported for a few seconds in the second half of an accident in one corner. The importance of journalism in this situation is not hidden from anyone, but the expression is illusory, however, unfortunately in every field, journalism is in the hands of the people whose Throughout life is full of hostility and the field has been completely overthrown,The Muslim nation, on the other hand, failed to produce a shipment of journalists affiliated with Islam that, on the one hand, combined with the demands of knowledge, professionalism and the principles of journalism, influenced global journalism. Be kind and restore their influence, which has disappeared from them, and on the other hand, their love and devotion to Islam should be strong enough to open the foundations of Islam through the slogan of freedom. Wants to Bind It to These Principles Commentary Book “The Law of Journalism of Islam” by Dr Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi. This book is the first book with this description in its subject matter and is a unique endeavour. The extraordinary author has explained the point of view of Islam in relation to the media. From his research, journalism students and people will find guidance and new avenues. And more research was done on this topic.

اسلام کا قانون صحافت
Law of Journalism Islam Urdu


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