Islam Aur Jadugari by Rehman Muznab


The Islam and Hisroty of Majic in Urdu

اسلام اور جادوگری

 رحمان مذنب

Free download PDF book Islam Aur Jadugari written by Rehman Muznab, read  the Islam and Magic History (Jadu ki Tareekh) Urdu book. In History Use of Majic  (Jadu) in Pharoah’s (Firon or feron) nation and different civilization, Religions before Islam, Also read Islam and Deen e Sahiri, What is Magic or Jadu, World first magician (Jadugar), Hindsoon Ki Jadogari, the Parts of  Magi (Jadogari), Islam and Dave Mala, Jadu Taslam aur Qadeem Adham, The history of Greece (Yunan) now study in Urdu language total 249 pages and PDF file 5 MB only.

The Islam and Hisroty of Majic in Urdu

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