Islam Aor Jadeed Zehan Ke Shubhaat By Muhammad Qutab

 اسلام اور جدید ذہن کے شبہات 

تالیف: محمد قطب

Islam Aor Jadeed Zehan Ke Shubhaat By Muhammad Qutab

اسلام پر اعتراضات کے جوابات, نئے دور کے نئے مسائل 

Free download or read online  poetry Book “Islam Aor Jadeed Zehan K Shubhaat” written By Muhammad Qutab and translated in Urdu By Muhammad Saleem Kayani M.A.Muhammad Qutb, ( 1919 – April 4, 2014) was an Islamist creator, researcher and educator best known as the most youthful sibling of the Egyptian Islamist scholar Sayyid_qutb. After his sibling was executed by the Egyptian government, Muhammad moved to Saudi Arabia where he advanced his more seasoned sibling’s ideas.Muhammad Qutb was the second eldest of five kids conceived in the Upper Egyptian town of Musha close Asyut, and is a few years more youthful than his senior sibling Sayyid, conceived at some point after 1906. Little is known in English sources about his childhood and instruction yet it is realized that he existed with his popular sibling, their two sisters and mother in Helwan close Cairo for a few years beginning in 1926. He was captured a couple of days before Sayyid (on July 29, 1965) for his claimed co-authority alongside his sibling in a plot to kill leading political and social figures in Egypt and topple the legislature. His life was saved (despite the fact that his sibling passed on the hangman’s tree in 1966), and in 1972 he was discharged from prison.subsequently he took shelter, with different parts of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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