Islam Aor Jadeed Zehan Ke Shubhat By Muhammad Qutab



Islam Aor Jadeed Zehan Ke Shubhat By Syed Muhammad Qutab. In this book, the author has given a logical and scientific answer to the doubts that arise in the modern mind about Islam. After reading it, one feels the dire need of Islam and it is known that Islam is the only cure for the current sufferings and sufferings of the world.
It should not be limited to the removal of doubts that they keep spreading from time to time to disturb us and force us to adopt a logical defense, but it is necessary that we now bring out the positive aspects of Islamic teachings in various areas of life and highlight to the modern those aspects of Islamic law that are useful in Islamic life. The positive and protective role of the law is clear. The same purpose is seen in the publication of this book.

Logical and Scientific Response: Muhammad Qutab’s book offers a logical and scientific approach to address doubts and misconceptions that modern individuals may have about Islam. It aims to provide reasoned and evidence-based answers to the questions and concerns raised by contemporary minds. By doing so, it seeks to bridge the gap between religious belief and rationality.

Recognition of the Need for Islam: The passage suggests that after reading the book, one recognizes the urgent need for Islam in today’s world. This sentiment may stem from the book’s ability to clarify Islamic principles, values, and their relevance to contemporary challenges. It implies that Islam is not just a historical or cultural relic but a living and applicable faith that can address the sufferings and issues faced by the world.

A Holistic Solution: The passage emphasizes that the purpose of the book extends beyond merely dispelling doubts. It underscores the importance of presenting Islam as a comprehensive solution to the problems and challenges that humanity faces. This includes not only answering questions but also showcasing the positive aspects of Islamic teachings and how they can be integrated into various facets of modern life.

   اسلام اور جدید ذہن کے شبہات کتاب از سید محمد قطب

اسلام پر اعتراضات کے جوابات, نئے دور کے نئے مسائل 

Highlighting the Positive Aspects: The Islam Aor Jadeed Zehan Ke Shubhat book aims to bring to the fore the constructive and beneficial aspects of Islamic teachings. It doesn’t limit itself to defensive arguments but actively promotes the application of Islamic values in different areas of life. This could encompass aspects such as ethics, governance, social justice, and personal conduct, demonstrating how Islamic principles can lead to a better society.

Positive and Protective Role of Islamic Law: The passage also suggests that Islamic law plays a positive and protective role in society. This could refer to the idea that Islamic legal principles are designed to ensure justice, equity, and social welfare. By highlighting the protective role of Islamic law, the book may be asserting that it can address contemporary issues and provide solutions that are beneficial for society.

In summary, “Islam Aur Jadeed Zehan Ke Shubhat” is presented as a comprehensive work that not only addresses doubts and concerns about Islam but also portrays Islam as a holistic and practical solution to the challenges of the modern world. It encourages readers to appreciate the positive aspects of Islamic teachings and the potential benefits of applying them in various aspects of life, recognizing the protective and constructive role that Islamic law can play. You also read Jadeed Jahiliyat  and Quran Aur Science by Sayyid Qutb and 


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