Islam Aur Maghrib By Khurram Murad Islamic Urdu Book Download

Islam Maghrib Khurram Murad
Islam and West (Islam Aur Maghrib) written by Khurram Murad free download pdf or read Islamic books in Urdu. Khurram Jah Murad (1932– 1996) was a Pakistani Islamic researcher and author. He was conceived in Bhopal, British Raj, the present day India. While his da’wah exercises started in Pakistan, he has been associated with the advancement of the Islamic development in Asia, Europe and Africa. As an educator and a Daheeh, his addresses and discourses have enlivened a great many young fellows and ladies everywhere throughout the world. As head of the preparation bureaus of the Jamiat, the Jamaat and as a functioning asset individual in preparing programs in the UK, he assumed a key job in the character-working of the adolescent in the Islamic Movement. You may be read Hubb e Dunya and Dil Ki Zindagi by Khurram Murad.
Islam West Khurram Murad

Khurram Murad Urdu Books

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