Ishq Ki Umar Raigan By Sadia Aziz Afridi PDF

Ishq Ki Umar Raigan

Ishq Ki Umar Raigan Urdu Novel Online by Sadia Aziz Afridi pdf free download or read on the net. This is a splendid social and romantic story through Sadia Aziz Afridi. In this story, the writer mentioned many social, cultural, and moral problems. She defined the emotions of affection and their impact on life.

This story was posted in a digest and was given a high readership. Sadia Aziz Afridi is a well-known lady novelist and the main tale writer. She is a normal author for the monthly digests and authored some top-notch tales and serialized novels. Now get a free pdf copy of this ebook from the below links.

“Ishq Ki Umar Regaan” is a literary work written by Sadia Aziz Afridi. This novel presents the depths of love and makes the readers think. The story of the novel revolves around a woman in love who is saddened by her husband’s infidelity.

This story has a combination of simplicity, romance, and interest that will touch the hearts of the readers. In the novel, the author has also included the relationship between poetry, music, and literature. The scenes and situations of the story are beautifully described.

In the novel, the fragrance, the beautiful view of nature, and the realities of life are beautifully copied. Sadia Aziz Afridi’s language is very beautiful and she uses words in the best way to engross the readers in the story. Her style is nurturing and she treats social issues, love, the children’s education system, and family relationships with freshness. “Ishq Ki Umar Regaan” is a novel that depicts the storms of love.

It presents social issues, family demands, and personal experiences. This novel by Sadia Aziz Afridi will touch the hearts of the readers and make them understand the realities of love. Also read Parthal By Qamar Ajnalvi

Ishq Ki Umar Sadia Aziz Afridi

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