Insani Tareekh Ki Intihai Khatarnaak KhufiaTareen Tehreek Urdu Book


Freemasonry in Urdu

Insani Tareekh Ki Intihai Khatarnaak O Khufia Tareen Tehreek Haqaeq O Inkishaf written by Abu Adnan Muhammad Muneer Qamar. Free download in PDF format or read online from here. In world history has become so bright today with many movements. And on a coming day,  is associated with strange ideas and programs related to new names, and the movement of various types of people. Some movements are positive and not religious, but at least the world but on the basis of reform ideological ideology. Some movements are purely religious and Islamic, while there are some who will make people with the name of religion by raising their religion with them. And then spread out untold news. One of the most dangerous movements of colorful names and movements such as ideas The name is Alaska, Freemason (FREEMASONRY), whose method of studying methods and beliefs brings such a dangerous shocking and horrific party, which is why the non-educated people of the world He is not among those who are trapped in their trap. And who trapped in their tent, he slowly went away from religion and eventually became the enemy of religion. This is an invaluable movement of people who believe in religion. By being disturbed in the world, moral disorder and sexual intimacy should be spread in the world. The commentary booklet describes “the most dangerous vampire movement of human history … reality facts …” is a reference to the famous Pakistani religious beliefs of Abu Adnan Muhammad Munir Qamar, Saudi Arabia, in which he has taken Muslims from the streets of this dangerous and terrible movement. It is incredible to survive and has taken a veil from the dangerous plans and ambitions of this organization. Al-Mawlawi should accept this work of Maulana, and protect Muslims from him like other Islamic organizations. You may be read Global Freemasonry by Harun Yahya and Sehooniyat Aur Alam-e-Islam by Tariq Ismail Sagar.

انسانی تاریخ کی انتہائی خطرناک و خفیہ ترین تحریک، حقائق انکشافات

ابو عدنان محمد منیر قمر

Freemasons book in Urdu

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