Insani Jaraim Ki Tarikh By Younas Mansoor


انسانی جرائم کی تاریخ
Insani Jaraim Ki Tarikh By Younas Mansoor
“Insani Jaraim Ki Tarikh” a translated book of  A Criminal History of Mankind written by Colin Wilson . Translated in Urdu languages by Younas Mansoor. This monstrous work acquaints another methodology with the history and brain research of human wrongdoing and brutality. Its scope is as expansive as it is point by point. From the time of the antiquated Assyrians, with their homicidal perversion, to our own particular day when the sex executioner and mass killer get to be images of the mental issues and power of advanced life, this book is genuinely interesting.Colin Wilson recounts the story of human brutality from Peking Man to the Mafia – considering the figured perversion of the Assyrians, the advantage of the Greek privateers, the severity that made Rome the ‘razor ruler of the Mediterranean’, the thoughtless decimation of the Vandals, the mass butcher of Genghis Khan, Tamurlane, Ivan the Terrible, Vlad the Impaler and that’s just the beginning. Each one age has a novel trademark example of wrongdoing. In the previous three centuries wrongdoing has changed and advanced until the sex executioner and the mass killer have ended up images of all that is most exceedingly bad about our human progress. Anyhow this is not only a study in human degeneracy; it is an endeavor to place wrongdoing in point of view against human revelation, investigation and innovation. The result is a totally new approach to the history and brain science of human viciousness.


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