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انقلاب اٹھارہ سوستاون

Easily download or read online from this website Urdu history Pdf copy book of “Inqilab 1857” by P C Joshi.Publish by peoples publishing house memories for after complete 100 hundred years. A complete Discussing about an old historical struggle in India (Hindustan).Dr.M Ashraf Delhi university important talk about the old nazariya and bagwat .Research and study on historical papers.A brief talk on Indian local languages.Effect of Hindustan and china in the mid of 19 century.Starting struggle for independent against British raj.How to stable east India company in 1765.revolatin in 1857 against a British government.Our history in 1857, and Indian Urdu, Bengali adab and revolution,The English mounted their eyes at prosperity and wealth of India and their own industrial interests and opportunities, once the Mughal government was at the celestial point. They got wind of their industrial centers (factories) at Surat (Gujarat) and Hugly (Bengal); began to increase their plans and show themselves in their true colors. They additionally hemmed to Dutch and also the Portuguese in and commenced to fleece Indian trade and economy.They clutched the agricultural system, education, trade, religions, and cultures of India in their claws and finding the circumstances favourable to their interests; the looped a lust for presidency and power. Having grabbed the states of the Nawabs and also the Rajas, they headed towards the city. The battles in pitched battle (1757), in Buxur (1764), in Ruhelkhand (1774), in Srirangapattam (1799) square measure the obvious samples of their aggression and lust for territorial aggrandisement. They entrapped Oudh and Ruhelkhand (1801), Bundelkhand and city (1803) through their crafty and shrewd agreements and much established their government everywhere India.

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