Imam Mahdi Aur Un Ka Lashkar by Ibne Sultan Mehmood PDF


End of Time Story And Hazrat Imam Mahdi Urdu Book

حضرت امام مہدی اور ان کا لشکر

 مولانا ابن سلطان محمود

Free PDF Urdu Islamic PDF book Imam “Hazrat Mahdi AS Aur Un Ka Lashkar” written by Maulana Ibn e Sultan Mehmood This book about End of time or end of world and the sing of Qayama (Zahoor e Qayamah), and read emergence (Zahoor) of Imam Mahdi A.S. writer discussed exposed Current Affairs issues in Muslim world according to Quran and Sunnah and Hadith,  read future story time to come in this Urdu book study about Muslim Umma, The Sing of Last day or day of judgement (Qayamat), say Shia firqa (sect) Millat e Jafaria about Imam Mendi, Antichrist and his mission, arriving of Hazrat Essa AS, and the historical discussion about Ameer Imam Mehdi AS, false and fake stories about this issues, Bermuda triangle (Takoon) and Dajjal. Very interesting and valuable Book in Urdu about the story of End of Time and Dajjal. read more download PDF or study on the net for free total 276 pages and file 3 MB.

Imam Mahdi Urdu Books

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