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عمادالدین زنگی

صادق حسین صدیقی

Free download or read online Pdf copy book of “Imad Ud Din Zangi” written By Sadiq Hussain Siddique.Amad Ud Din Zangi By Sadiq Hussain Siddiqui absolute the history and adventures of imad Uddin zengi who was the adjudicator of Mosul and aleppo, and Edessa and the architect of the zengid dynasty. Imad ad-Din Zengi (c. 1085 – 14 September 1146) (also Zangi, Zengui, Zenki, or Zanki / Turkish: İmadeddin Zengi ‎) was an atabeg of Turkish descent, adjudicator of Mosul, Aleppo, Hama, and Edessa and architect of the Zengid dynasty, to which he gave his name.Zengi’s father, Aq Sunqur al-Hajib, governor of Aleppo beneath Malik Shah I, was beheaded for crime in 1094, and Zengi was brought up by Kerbogha, the governor of Mosul.Following the afterlife in 1128 of Toghtekin, atabeg of Damascus, an ability exhaustion threatened to accessible Syria to renewed Crusader aggression. Zengi became data beg of Mosul in 1127 and of Aleppo in 1128, chain the two cities beneath his claimed rule and was formally invested as their adjudicator by the Absolutist Mahmud II of Great Seljuk. Zengi had accurate the adolescent absolutist adjoin his rival, the absolutist Al-Mustarshid.

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