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Ibne Saud Sawaneh By Faiz Muhammad free Urdu PDF Book to download or read online from our blog. This is a Biography Urdu book on Ibne Saud. Faiz Muhammad is a scientist, essayist, and biographer who composed some valuable books.

He has huge information on history and cited the reference of English scholars in his works. Also, he made an interpretation of some English books into Urdu. This Urdu book Ibne Saud Sawaneh Urdu Pdf is a magnificent account of Ibn e Saud. He was an Arab head and head of a clan in Al Diriyah close to Najad.

He was the organizer of the Saud tradition in Saudi Arabia in the Othman Empire. Then, he caught Riyadh, Makkah, Madina, and its encompassing zones in his time. Sultan Saud met with Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab and made an arrangement to oust Turks from Arabia.

He additionally had the expected to actualize the sanitize Islam in its unique structure commandingly. Abdul Wahab was a pioneer of the Salafi development who wedded her girl to the Saud family. This partnership changed the situation in Hijaz and presented another power. Now get a free pdf copy file from the below links.

Ibne Saud Sawaneh is a comprehensive and well-researched biography of the founder of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud. The book was written by Faiz Muhammad, a renowned Pakistani historian and author.

The book begins with a brief overview of the history of the Arabian Peninsula before Ibn Saud’s birth. It then goes on to detail Ibn Saud’s early life, his rise to power, and his achievements as the founder of Saudi Arabia.

Faiz Muhammad does an excellent job of weaving together historical facts with personal anecdotes to create a vivid and engaging portrait of Ibn Saud. He also provides insights into Ibn Saud’s motivations and beliefs, which helps the reader to understand the man behind the myth.

Ibne Saud Sawaneh is an essential read for anyone interested in the history of Saudi Arabia or the life of Ibn Saud. It is also a valuable resource for students, scholars, and anyone who wants to learn more about this important figure in modern history.

Ibne Saud Biography Urdu

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