Ibn Battuta Kay Mulk Kal Aur Aaj Travels Urdu Book Michael Elliot


Ibn Battuta’s Journey Countries Today by Aizaz Baqir PDF 

ابن بطوطہ کے ملک آج اور کل 


Ibn Battuta Kay Mulk Kal Aur Aaj This is Urdu translation book of World Wanderer edited by Michael Elliot and translated into the Urdu language by Aizaz Baqir. In this book, an author writes about now today stories of Ibn Battuta travels countries in history. This is ibn Battuta history book in Urdu for free download pdf or reads online. read about the travels of Ibn Battuta state who Journey in history. Ibn Battuta, for the most part, set out to places with Muslim governments in the zones inside the dark fringe denoting the Dar al-Islam. Past that, Muslim brokers had just wandered out into Asia like China, Indonesia and further, and had set up little Muslim people group in numerous areas of the world in history. A research Urdu literature on the travels of Ibn Battuta. Now download pdf copy this book from this blog with total 121 pages and file size 10 MB. You can also read Masjid Al Aqsa History and Aalam e Arabi.
Ibn Battuta travels Urdu

Ibn battuta Urdu book

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