Husna Aur Husnara By Umera Ahmed Novel PDF


Umaira Ahmed Urdu Novel Free Download

حسنہ ار حسن آراء 

عمیرہ احمد
Free Download PDF copy Urdu novel of Husna Aur Husnara.The Story Husna aur Husan Aara annals the change in Dil Shaad’s life, a very much reproduced lady who takes real pride in having a place with an honorable family, by the surprising passage of a wonderful young lady named Husan Aara. It uncovered the attitude of our general public that compartmentalises individuals as per their experiences and doesn’t give any prospect of contrition now read in Urdu language.  total 4.2 MB and total pages 95 pages. The collection of following four short stories in Urdu
  • Husna aur Husan Aara
  • Ab Mera Intezar Kar
  • Bas Ik Daagh e Nidaamat 
  • Aaj aur Kal
  • Husna aur Husan Aara

Umaira Ahmed Urdu Novel Free Download

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