Humphrey Ke Aitrafat By Humphrey

ہمفرے کے اعترافات

Humphrey key aitrafat is an Urdu book which is the confessions of a British spy (Humphrey’s memories) was translated in Urdu, now. Humphrey was a British spy in Islamic countries. It’s an actually acceptable book about an English spy who penetrated Islamic states and afterwards some time he could ad-lib the wahabiat as a new camp in Islam by the aid of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab. In 1710, the admiral of England’s colonies beatific me as a spy to Islamic states as Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Hijaz and Constantine (today turkey ). My assignment was to aggregate abundant information in adjustment to be able to defeat Islamic government. Simultaneously 9 added spies were beatific to added countries for the aforementioned goal. We were accurate by exact affairs and abundant budget…. Afterwards some time of my sejurn in Iraq I got accustomed to Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahab an adolescent apprentice of a canon (in houza ). 

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