Human Body Parts Muscles Info Book in Urdu PDF Free Download


Tashreeh  ul Uzlaat by Shabbir Ahmed PDF Download

تشریح العضلات 

شبیر احمد
Book name Tashreehul Uzlaat written by Shabbir Ahmed, A brief information about Human body Muscles and Bone parts book in Urdu, Physical Health and Physiotherapy, information about Bone and muscle are structure of human body, Myology, Applied anatomy, Muscles of the nose, Eyelid, Scalp, Fascia in the region of neck, Muscles of mastication, The scaleni and Prevertebral muscles, Thorax, abdomen, Male perineum, the upper extremity, Shoulder region, arm, forearm, hand, the lower extremity, Muscular Tissue, muscles of the thigh, gluteal region, anterior crural, foot, acting on the joints, Brian, relation of connective tissue to skeletal, Terminology. The function of Bone, Bio 50 Anatomy of a muscle cell Urdu Read more download complete medical Urdu book or read online.

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