Hum Ramzan Kasay Guzarain by Hafiz Muhammad Idrees Islamic PDF

ہم رمضان کیسے گذاریں 
حافظ محمد ادریس

Read online or Download free Islamic booklet Hum Ramzan Kasay Guzarain written  by Hafiz Muhammad Idrees.Ramadan–the ninth month within the Islamic calendar once Muslims quick from dawn to hour and interact within the non-secular reflection of Allah-is one in every of the foremost simply recognisable aspects of the faith. Fasting, that is often the dodging of food and or drink, is a component of most world religions. however fast in Ramadan could be a special a part of the monotheism religion, one in every of its 5 pillars, and a time once rewards for fast and worship area unit bountiful.A companion once asked the Prophet Muhammad what deed he might do to achieve entrance to paradise. The prophet suggested him to quick. however this hadith (verified speech communication of the Prophet Muhammad) goes on to mention that simply hunger and thirst alone won’t yield non-secular enlightenment and reward. The act of sincere prayer and worship should accompany it. With this in mind, here are a unit 10 prayers one will recite throughout Ramadan to become nearer to Allah.

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