Hubb e Dunya By Khurram Murad


حب دنیا

خرم مراد

Free download or read online Pdf copy booklet of “Hubb e Dunya ” written By  Khurram Murad. A PDF format Copy of books in Urdu for offline and Online reading. Khurram Murad  was a Pakistani Islamic academic and writer.While his dawah activities began in Pakistan, he has been complex in the advance of the Islamic movement in Asia, Europe, and Africa. As an abecedary and a da’iyah, his speeches and orations accept aggressive bags of adolescent men and women all over the world. As the arch of the training departments of the Jamiat, the Jamaat and as an alive resource person in training programmes in the UK, he played a key role in the character-building of the adolescence in the Islamic group. Read on the internet and get a pdf copy of this book from given links. 

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