Homeopathic Book in Urdu My Clinic by Dr. Shaukat Ali Shukani PDF


میرا کلینک

بیماریوں کی تشخیص و علاج پر مشتمل کتاب
ڈاکٹر شوکت علی شوکانی
Homeopathic Book in Urdu

Homeopathic book in Urdu Diagnostics of the disease diagnostic book “Mera Clinic” Urdu health book written by Dr. Shaukat Ali Shukani for free download or read online. This is a best homeopathic medicine book in Urdu The sickness and the system of transmission are in the hands of Allah. He affects the person who wants and causes great health as he wants. Along with this, he has encouraged the use of drugs at the time of illness and to carry out the obvious means.The Prophet (peace be upon him) has ordered many items to be used as a cure. In your life where the Prophet proposes a solution to spiritual and body diseases, give it easy and profitable instructions for physical and physical diseases that the world can develop, but can not deviate from it. At present, there are many ways of treatment including Herbal Herbal, Modern Medical, and Homeopathic, which people are treating their diseases. The underwritten Urdu book Mera Clinic ” My Clinic Diagnosis of diseases contained variations ” is a reference and written by Medical Officer Dr. Shaukat Ali Shukani.In which he has collected medicines based on homeopathy treatment, diagnosis, and treatment and read health tips in Urdu. This book is a unique and wonderful book on its subject. Allah Almighty accept his work. Amen. this book as long as 400 pages and downloadable file size 5.7 MB. You also read homeopathy books in Urdu Ghar Ka Doctor and Homeopathic Remedies for Men health diseases.

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