The Histroy of Ismaieliah Firqa Bohri, Aga Khani Booklet Urdu Download


Bohrion aur Aga Khanion Ke Firqa (Sect) PDF Book

اسمعیلیہ مذھب

سید تنظیم حسین

Book title Ismaieliah, Bohri aur Aga Khani Firqa (Sect) ki Taruf Tareek ki roshni me, Information and The history of Ismaili’s firqa (Sect), Introduction of this sect by Syed Abu al-Hasan Nadvi and Syed Tanzeem Husain.Read about Ismaili Religion (Mazhab) and his parts. Drozia religiuon Sect and books, Know about Gunnan meaning of this word, Kuja or Koja in India and Pakistan, Masetolya of Masetolia holy books. Sect Qramta and Fatmi (drozia). Read more in this booklet download PDF or read online.Total 2.2MB PDF file and total 35 pages.

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