History of Robbers Thief and Tug in Urdu Book


Tareekh Daku Aur Tag Dr. Mubarak Ali PDF

تاریخ ٹھگ اور ڈاکو

 ڈاکٹر مبارک علی

Tareekh Daku our Tag, the historical Urdu book for free download written by Dr. Mubarak Ali. The history of Tag Daku (Robbers Thief and Tug in India and Pakistan Asia. Read about Poolan Devi, Sultana Dako, Afghan aur Bhail Daku, Sind k Dako Sheri Daku, Amir Ali Tag, Tagoon ki batian, Chore Theif Crime stories in History, Personalities abilities in Tags. Hindustani Tag and Daka zani Stroy book. Study more download PDF or read online, PDF file size is 6.2MB with 231 pages.

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