History Of Philosophy Book in Urdu Riwayat e Falsafa by Ali Abbas


Download Free pdf copy or read online Urdu book Riwayat E Falsafa (Story Of Philosophy) by Ali Abbas Jalalpuri. Read History of Philosophy since 2500 Years. This beautiful survey of important philosophical schools in Urdu. Prof. Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri was an essayist from Pakistan viewed by the intelligent people as the Will Durant of Pakistan. He composed in excess of fourteen books on Philosophy, History, and Religion in Urdu and Punjabi dialects. His books appeared to proclaim a period of reason in Pakistan and his conclusions regarding the matters of history, human advancement, religion, theory, power. he endeavoured to teach a typical Urdu peruser regarding the matter of Philosophy. This book filled its need in advancing the subject is talked about like Will Durant’s The Story of Philosophy. Ali Abbas Jalalpuri in his exceptionally celebrated book Riwayat-e-Falsafa presents a compact however thorough record of the western scholarly battle with respect to the basic inquiries of man. Now download this book is in Urdu form the end of this post. You may be read Jinsiyati Mutaley and Muqamat-e-Waris.
Story Of Philosophy Urdu

Ali Abbas Jalalpuri Urdu

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