History and Historian Tareekh Aur Mowrukh Book by Dr. K M Ashraf

تاریخ اور مورخ 
کے ایم اشرف
The title name of this book Tareekh Aur Mowrukh History and Historian written by Dr. K M Ashraf and introduction and review by Dr. Mubarak Ali. Read in this book about life and condition of the people of Hindustan, future of history writer in India,  read more download complete book or read online.  Writer Mubarak Ali thanks, full to Pro Jawed Ashraf who composed lecture for this book, all these lectures perform in Srinagar University when attending classes as historian teacher and thank full of Zameer Niyazi who help to published two articles of dr. K.M Ashraf in Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu general magazine subject on history and politics and who send to me two copies of Naya Zamana Urdu magazine. Book as long as 168 pages and pdf file size 6.5 MB. I hope you like and share this local ebook Tarikh Aur Moverikh from this ebook online internet library and you may read more history books in Urdu Almiya Tareekh and Ghulami Aur Nasal Parasti by Dr. Mubarik Ali.

The following topics in this book:

  • Introduction (Taruf)
  • Doctor Ashraf Kuch beeti yadian
  • Own Story (apni Kahani)
  • Elam Tareekh aur Hamari Tarikh Naveesi
  • Hindustan main Tareekh Nawesi ka Mustaqbal
  • Future of historian in India
  • Musalman Samaji Zindagi Khasoosiat
  • Samaj Main Mazahab Ki Hasiath
  • Hawami Tehreekh
  • Our cultural history
  • Hindustani Muslim Siayasat Pasmanzar
  • Background of Indian Muslim politics
  • Muslim politics in India

Indian Muslim political and social History Urdu book Free download Pages:

Tareekh Aur Mowrukh
History Books Urdu


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