Hikmat Books in Urdu Free Download Hukama Ki Zindagion Tibi Nachor


حکماء کی زندگیوں نچوڑ 
حکیم طارق محمود

Ubqari magazine Urdu literature free best Hikmat and herbal medicine book in Urdu title name of this book are Hukuma Ki Zindagion Ka Tibbi Nachorh written by Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtahi Ph.D. America. The life experience of Hakeem or tibbi hukama amazing and writer uncovered secret herbal medicine. The collection of herbal home remedies use in different diseases in the Urdu language. La Ilaj Amraz ke leye Seena dar seena rehne wale tibbi razoon se parda uttha hay hairat angiaz  Inkhafath lawajab mehnat aur Tufah, Jarhi Boti se ilaj ki kitab. 
The best book for who want grows or sells herbs for use as medicine and detail method of plants which are used in making herbal medicine and read instruction, Tibbi Aqwal and best health tips in Urdu You may read more Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai books read online or download Amil Kamil Bannay Ke Raaz and Jadoo Jinnaat Islam Aur Jadeed Science.

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