Hikayat e Saadi PDF Download Urdu Biography Book

Hikayat e Saadi PDF is the story of a famous Urdu poet written by Dr. Sajid Amjad that is free to download. Saadi is also called a teacher of ethics. In this book, his biography is written in a very interesting way. The writing style of the book is similar to that of a novel. So that the reader will feel like this story and he will not get bored.

Hikayat e Saadi PDF biography book

Details of Hikayat e Saadi PDF:

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Dr. Sajid Amjad

Category: Muslim Personalities, Biographies

Number of pages: 55

PDF Book Name: Hikayat e Saadi Urdu

Language: Urdu

PDF File Size: 5 MB

Basic information about Sheikh Saadi:

Saadi was born in the city of Shiraz and in a short period of time, he achieved an important position in the field of science and literature. This writer saw many situations and events with his own eyes. He also witnessed the story of the rising and fall of Muslims and the destruction of Muslims in the war with the Tartars. He then wrote a lament on the persecution in which he described the incident.

Sheikh’s literary position:

His writings have an important place in literature. In many schools and colleges, these writings have been included in the curriculum. His position is also high in Persian and Urdu poetry. He has achieved great success in the field of poetry and ghazal as well as moral poetry. In addition, the number of fans in the field of prose is not small. Because when writing literature, extraordinary writings come out of the pen of Sheikh Saadi.

Hikayat e Saadi PDF, you will learn a lot about this writer and poet in the style of a story. The style of the book is excellent. In addition to reading online, you can also download this biography PDF book for free. Please help us with your valuable and important feedback. A comment section has been created for this.

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