Hijaaz Ki Aandhi By Inayatullah


حجاز کی آندھی

عنایت اللہ

مجاہدین اسلام کے ہاتھوں کسری کی تباہی کی داستان

Islamic historical novel “Hijaz Ki Aandhi” By Inayatullah absolute an admirable adventure of Hazrat Umar r.a’s action fought with Iraqi nonmuslims.This adventure starts if Hazrat Abu Bakar r.a had larboard 2 canicule afore his afterlife he calls to Hazrat Umar r.a and says that forward a Lashkar to Iraq.In this book clairvoyant will see carefully the personality of Hazrat Umar r.a.Inayat writes if Muslims defeated to nonmuslims it afraid the European added he writes every Muslim have to apprehend Hijaz ki andhi book and should accumulate it to home for accouchement to apprehend the actual action of Hazrat Umar Razi Allah tala anho.

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