High Blood Pressure in Urdu Cure Book by Zafar ul Hasan Pirzada


8 Haftoon me Bagir Dawa Blood Pressure Se Nijad

بلڈ پریشر سے نجات

High blood pressure diet in Urdu PDF health book (Blind Fishar e Khoon ki Bimari Kitab). Free download Urdu version book of the Blood pressure cure 8 weeks to lower blood  pressure without prescription drugs written by Robert E  Kowalski and translated into Urdu language by Pro Zafar ul Hasan Pirzada. The Urdu book is extraordinary in its clarity and profundity. I would prescribe it to anybody with an inclination to hypertension.”Charles Keenan Jr., M.D., Associate Professor of Family Practice, UCLA”Hypertension is a vital individual from the quartet of hazard variables for cardiovascular infection, the other three are raised cholesterol levels, cigarette smoking and diabetes read now Urdu local Asian language. Health tips and advice book in Urdu.

Blood Pressure book in Urdu

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