Heal Your Self with Sunlight by Andreas Moritz in Urdu


Doop Se Ilaj by Tahir Mansoor Farooqi

دھوپ سے علاج 
طاھر منصور فاروقی

Free Download Urdu translation book of Heal Your Self with Sunlight in Urdu Doop Se Ilaj written by Andreas Moritz and Translated into the Urdu language by Tahir Mansoor Farooqi. Daylight is a supplement, a pharmaceutical, a cure, at the same time. It is not some packaged compound you can discover at a medication store alone. It is actually accessible to everybody. The measurement is under your control and your body effectively lets you know when you have had pretty much the appropriate measure of it. The method of treatment of Cancer, Heart disease, blood pressure and another disease through Natural Sunlight. Read the introduction of natural Sunbath and Ultraviolet light benefits. Total 224 pages and PDF file size 12 MB.
Doop Se Ilaj by Tahir Mansoor Farooqi

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