Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.a) Kay100 Qissay By Sheikh Muhammad


حضرت عمر فاروق رضی اللہُ عنہ کے سو قصے

شیخ محمد صدیق منشاوی

ترجمہ: مولانا خالد محمود صاحب
Free download or read online Islamic book “Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.a) Kay100 Qissay” written By Sheikh Muhammad Siddique translate By Moulana Khalid Mehmood. Hazrat Umar (R.A) fit in with the Adi group of Quraish tribe. In the eighth era, his genealogy joins with Rasulallah (s.a.w). He was conceived in 583 A.C., around forty years prior to the colossal Hijrah. The early existence of Hazrat Umar is not known in the subtle element. In his childhood, he was a well-known wrestler and speaker, and an energetic individual. He was one among the few individuals in Makkah who knew how to peruse and compose. His principle occupation was a business. At the point when the Rasulallah (s.a.w) got the disclosure and welcomed individuals to Islam, Hazrat Umar at first turned into the sworn adversary of Islam and Rasulallah (s.a.w), and did not falter to hurt the Muslims at each open door.

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