Hazrat Dawood A.S Story in Urdu Islamic PDF Book Free Download


History of Dawood Alaihis Salam in Urdu PDF Islamic Book

حضرت داؤد علیہ السلام

اسلم راہی

Get free PDF copy Urdu storybook Prophet Dawud story in Quran Shareef written by Aslam Rahi M A, read a true story about Hazrat Dawood A.S (Prophet David). Hazrat Dawood Alaihis Salam (Prophet David) is a well known Prophet and the father of Hazrat Sulaiman A.S (Prophet Solomon). Hazrat Dawood A.S was well known for his hypnotizing voice of Quran Tilawat when Prophet Dawud AS reading & recitation of Quran Al animals and creature come near and listen to Quran e Pak. He used to portray to the radiance of Allah. Now you read Hazrat Dawood A.S history in the Urdu local language the writer composed life and biography of Hazrat Daud AS in the light of Quran Majeed and Ahadith and authentic literature of the Islamic history, you will likewise read the account of Hazrat Dawood A.S too, and you can read Talut and Jalut story in Urdu and History of Palestine and Isreal. Free download for offline reading or read online Hazrat Dawood ki Kahani from this blog in Pakistani local language. After the death of Talut A.S, the most astounding made Dawud (peace be upon him) a ruler and a Prophet. When he achieved 40 years old, he set out for Bait al Muqaddas. read more download complete Islamic history book in PDF. You can also download Aslam Rahi books Hajjaj Bin Yousaf and Hazrat Ibrahim Ale Salam.

History of Dawood Alaihis Salam

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