Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari By Manazir Ahsan Gilani PDF


Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari

Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari Urdu by Manazir Ahsan Gilani free PDF Islamic Seerat Urdu book to download or read online. This ebook is a biography of Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari R.A. He changed into a well-known associate of Rasool Allah SAW. He spent the maximum of his lifestyle preaching Islam.

Hazrat Abu Zar did now not trust the highly-priced residing. He spent all of his finance in the way of Allah Almighty. The ebook defined the complete lifestyles and virtues of Hazrat Abu Zar R.A.Syed Manazir Ahsan Gilani the author of the e-book Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari Urdu Pdf.

Syed Manazir Ahsan Gilani became a prominent student and author. He belonged to the Deoband School of Idea in Ahlesunnat. He authored many books but was given a reputation thru biography writing.

I desire you like the  Urdu Muslims life story Urdu free book Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari Urdu Pdf and proportion it along with your friends and family. Now get a free pdf copy of this Islamic Kutub from the below links. You can also download Annabi ul Khatim S.A.W and Dajjali Fitna Kay Numayan Khadokhal

Abu Zar Ghaffari

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