Haweli Ka Khandar by Safdar Shaheen


حویلی کا کھنڈر

 صفدر شاہین

Free transfer or browse on-line another Urdu horror novel “Havaili ka Khander” and luxuriate in another horror story in Urdu language. “Havaili ka Khander” is that the title name of this Urdu novel that could be authored by Safdar Shaheen WHO is a documented Urdu author, digest author, drama script author, short and long Urdu stories author and a preferred Urdu writer from Pakistan. Safdar Shaheen has written differing types of Urdu novels and most of his novels area unit being appreciated by the Urdu readers. Like different Urdu novels of Safdar Shaheen, this novel Haveli ka Khander has additionally attracted several Urdu readers due to its marvelous and delightful horror story. This fiction is that the masterpiece of Safdar Shaheen as a result of he has worked laboriously to make such an engaging fiction. Haveli Hindu deity Khandar Pdf Urdu novel could be a fiction story of Indian individuals as a result of the names of the characters appeared to be the names of Sikhs and Hindus. The story of this novel is choked with horror. The story of this Novel is neither too short nor an excessive amount of long however as long as 128 pages with clear crystal show and with a smallest size of 3MB solely.

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