Harf-e-Dua Yaad Nahi by Saghar Siddiqui


Urdu Poetry by Saghar Siddiqui

حرف دعا یاد نہیں

ساغر صدیقی

Free Urdu Shairy Heart touching poetry book Harf-e-Dua Yaad Nahi written by Saghar Siddiqui and selected by Sajjad Sameeh.Saghar Siddiqui real name Muhammad Akhtar was an Urdu writer from Pakistan. Regardless of his destroyed and destitute alone life, he stayed well known and effective till and after his passing. the collection of Urdu Poems, Nagmey and Gazal of poet Sagar Siddiqui total 113 pages and file size 5 MB.
Urdu Poetry by Saghar Siddiqui

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