Hamesha Yad Rako (Never Forget) by Harun Yaha Urdu Books PDF

ہمیشہ یاد رکھو
 ھارون یحیی
 ترجمہ: محمد نذیر احمد

You can read Harun Yahya’s book Never Forget(Hamesha Yad Rako)in URDU LANGUAGE online and download.Translate in Urdu by Muhammad Nazeer Ahmed.Discussion of the explanation for our existence during this world; it is simple for us to become distracted by the mundane, regular responsibilities we tend to face. This book asks us to remember that Allah is always watching us and that He is All-Knowing of every facet of our lives, even what we conceal from others.. This book asks us to recollect Allah, the Day of Judgment, and also the reasons for our lives.just think about of what number times each day you have got to force yourself to recollect one thing. Already by the time you get out of bed, there area unit several problems with that you have got to stay your mind occupied. you may have taken notes or placed a reminder therefore me where so as to not ditch any of them. At times, even the thought of forgetting is worrisome… What if, though, you had really forgotten regarding one thing greatly a lot of vital than the rest in your daily life? Our purpose in putting this on ink book is to cue you of these problems in your life that area unit most vital. always remember that, forgetting those things of that can|you’ll|you may} be reminded during this book will price you infinitely over forgetting what you commit to bear in mind throughout the day, regardless of, however, valuable that issue could seem. The purpose of this book is to cue you of the explanation of your existence during this world. we tend to feel the requirement to a cue of this as a result of man is forgetful. Engrossed in everyday routines, unless he wills otherwise, he might simply become distracted from the real problems to that he really must concentrate. He might simply forget that Allah encompasses him all around, that He watches him at each moment, that He listens to him, which he can in the future got to provide associate degree account of his actions to Allah. He can ditch the knowledge of death, the grave, Paradise, and Hell, that nothing happens aside from that that is Allah’s can, which there’s ultimately a reason for everything.

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