Hamari Kainat Our Universe Urdu Book Download

Hamari Kainat Our Universe Book in Urdu  and English languages Free download PDF or read online. Our universe is a large and complex system whose size and age are far beyond our imagination. It is a place where stars, planets, galaxies and other celestial bodies exist that are still a mystery to scientists.
 There are many theories about the creation of the universe, but the most widely accepted theory is the Big Bang theory. According to this theory, the universe began from a very small and very hot point that exploded 13.8 billion years ago. As a result of this explosion, the universe expanded and cooled.
 Since the Big Bang, the evolution of the universe has been a continuous process. The universe is expanding, and new stars and planets are forming in it. A large part of the material in the universe is known as dark energy. Dark energy is accelerating the evolution of the universe.

ہماری کائنات اردو کتاب

 The future of the universe is still unknown. Some scientists believe that the universe will continue to expand forever, while others believe that the universe will eventually collapse. To understand the future of the universe, scientists need more information about the universe.
 The universe is an astounding and complex spot Our knowledge about it is limited, but scientists are constantly doing new research about it. Read General knowledge Books here.

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