Hamari Jinsi Aur Jazbati Zindagi by Saleem Akhter Book PDF

Hamari Jinsi Aur Jazbati Zindagi written by Saleem Akhter Urdu book PDF download or read online. Today, human being live in the atmosphere of luring his personality and facing such nervous conflicts that man himself became his helper, resulting in his belief in his own self. The problem is over by others. People turned into shrimp and became a town of shade given. Thus today the human being shines his shadow as a shadow of others. It was like Abin Arabi that he called hell as a cold place. Wherever every one arrives with his own fire himself, unlike Sartar, Hell is other people, while Fried is in hell the hell of which man is in the fire forever. These three ideas are the grief of the oppression that somehow people have to be designated. And the trend of the modern man is that it is burning in the fire of the three hells and therefore the number of patients suffering from mental disorders is increasing. This is a special reference book in which This topic has been discussed in detail. This book is a combination of long and short articles’ their themes have diversity and the discussion of mental issues take curtains from many of the most important issues and matters of mental life. The Urdu book is very good and commonly understood. This book has been published about “Our Sexual and Emotional Life” by Dr Salim Akhtar. You have a great hobby of the book, ” You have dozens of books besides this book. It is a prayer that the Almighty, the Companion of the Compassionate, pay tribute to the faithful, and store this book in their tents and give it a generous benefit. You may be read Kamyabi Kin Logon Ko Milti He? by Pro Arshad Javed and Bharpur Zindagi Gozariye by Qazi Jawaid.

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