Guide Book of Halal Slaughtering in Urdu PDF


Halal Slaughtering and Safety Procedures Download

ذبح کا اسلامی طریقہ

محمد سعید اختر

Guide Book of Halal Slaughtering in the Urdu language written by Muhammad Saeed Akhter Fazil Madina, Zabah kerne ka Islamic Tariqa, Halal Slaughtering, and Safety Procedures, According to Shariah and Halal standard PS 3733 by Punjab Halal Development Agency Lahore Pakistan. The Islamic information book of Halal and Haram Animal (janwar).Halal way of life. The subject in this book is Halal Foods, the introduction of Halal Slaughtering, Benefits Islamic way Slaughtering, Haram Janwar aur Mordar k Aqsam, Slaughter Men, Haram Parande (birds), Zabah k Adab o Mustehbat, Takbeer k Alfaz, Halal Slaughtering technique.Read More Get pdf for offline reading or study online.

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