Hair Loss Natural Treatment In Urdu by Dr Naeem Sheikh


Natural Treatment For Hairs Loss and Tips In Urdu

گرتے بالوں کا علاج 
ڈاکٹر نعیم شیخ
Hair Loss Girte Baalon Ka Ilaj by Dr Naeem Sheikh. Complete guide Urdu book for Natural Treatment for Hair loss . No drug, no tonic, no lotion or potion. First ever fully natural solution to hair loss with exercises. Read for long healthy hair introduction, types and care tips for hair loss, hair diseases with causes and treatment, baldness (ganja pan) solution and treatment, atrophy, splitting, lice, ringworm, Neuritis, Pityriasis, Seborrhoea, dandruff and information Alopecia, study home remedies treatment of hair ( Balon ka desi ilaj). Baloon Ki Hifazat aur khohe hohe bal wapis lane ke leye qudrati tareqoon per mushtamal aik behad Mufeed Kitab. Total 73 pages and PDF file size is 6.5 MB.

Natural Treatment for Hairs Loss and Tips In Urdu

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