Guzara Nahi Hota By Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Guzara Nahi Hota By Mustansar Hussain Tarar free download PDF in Urdu. The funny Urdu book of Masanant Hussain Guzara Nahi Hota “is a short story that is about a young boy who is passing through a difficult period after his father’s death.
The main character of the story, whose name is Yunus, loved her father very much, and his death brought him a severe trauma. He is struggling to meet his father’s lack, and he is getting away from the world around him.
Guzara Nahi Hota The story starts from Yunus’s father’s death. Yunus is very rude on his father’s death, and he is not looking for his life. She is not working in her school, and she is getting away from her friends and family.
A friend of Yunus, whose name is Mushtaq, tries to help her get out of his condition. Mushtaq takes rotating Yunus, and he says to meet her friends and family.
Younis starts dealing with his father’s death with the help of Mushtaq, but he still feels a vacant space without his father. The end of the story is on the bronze of Yunus’s father. Yunus reminds her time with his father, and he writes a letter for his father. In the letter, he tells his father that he will never forget him.
Guzara Nahi Hota “There is no spectacular story that treats the loss of sorrow and grief. The story is the story of Yunus, but it can be the story of everyone who is passing through a loss of a dear. The story tries to tell us that the loss can be treated, and with time we can learn to deal with the lack of our loved ones.

گزارا نہیں ہوتا از مستنصر حسين تارڑ

The loss of life can be a difficult experience. It can take time and effort to deal with grief. The memories of the pilgrims can help us deal with them. Without my father, my life was like a unbelievable body. Mushtaq told me that my father is still alive, just in another world. You may read Siyah Aankh Mein Tasveer and Qurbat e Marg Mein Mohabbat by Mustansar Hussain Tarar.

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