Gumnam Adeeb by Wasif Ali Wasif The Collection Letters Book


The Letters of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif. The very beautiful Urdu book, Gumnaam Adeeb book is a collection of letters of Wasif Ali Wasif. The book has created a lot of simplifications. Your question and answer to a Wali Read the ease of life. The individuals around the world wrote him letters and Wasif Ali Wasif replied them in own writing. These letters revealed currently during this book. Wasif gave answers to the queries of the individuals. He was an incredible Sufi, artist, essayist, scholarly, and profound instructor. He composed sections in Daily Nawai Waqat for a long time. The poet Wasif Ali composed some astounding Urdu books on Tasawwaf which is a treasury of information. Now free download or read online in PDF format.
Gumnam Adeeb

Wasif Ali Wasif Urdu Letters

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