Guanta Namo Ki Tooti Zanjeerain By Abdur Rahim and Badr uz Zaman


گوانتاناموکی ٹوٹی زنجیریں

عبد الرحیم مسلم دوست

بدرالزماں بدر

Download addition book “Guantanamo Ki Tooti Zanjeerain” (The Broken Cuffs of Guantanamo) accounting on the a lot of belled American bastille of the apple (Guantanamo), accounting by two ex-prisoners Abdur Rahim Muslim Dost and Badruzzaman Badar who were Afghan journalists and apprehended by Pakistani admiral and handed over to the American armament who bedfast them in the bastille of Guantanamo.Urdu translation by Muhammad Nasir Khan.  In the book “Guantanamo Ki Tooti Zanjeerain”, Mr. Badruzzaman Badar and Abdur Rahim Muslim Dost accept apparent the atrocity and ache over the Muslim prisoners by the so alleged animal appropriate commissions avant-garde (America) with detailed. According to them, the Geneva Convention and Red Cross is not for the Muslims and continued to the alone to their names only. In the said book, they accept as well criticized the two banned Organizations in Pakistan i.e Jamat Ud Dawa and Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. They accept as well declared the atrocity over the accouchement of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. Every captive who appear from the Guantanamo bastille accept their own adventure like Abdus Salam Zaeef, Mulla Ameen Ullah Amin and abounding others accept their own sad story.Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost  is an Afghan announcer and jeweler who was captivated in extrajudicial apprehension in the United States Guantanamo Bay apprehension camps, in Cuba.[3] His Guantanamo Internment Serial Number was 561. He resurfaced in backward 2014 as a recruiter and baton for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Afghanistan and Pakistan.Muslim Dost and his brother were captured on November 17, 2001, and after appearing on 17 April 2005 with no accuse captivated adjoin him. He has been acclaimed for his balladry still bedfast by the American government and the lengths he went through to almanac it, alignment from abrading with a beanery assimilate polystyrene teacups to application adaptable pens, and has accustomed abundant admire in this regard. His annual on his break at Guantanamo, The Broken Chains, is currently getting translated into English. The book has accounting aboriginal in Pashto accent and 0.25 copies were awash while 20000 Urdu copies of the said book were as well sold. Download or read online easily without difficulty or effort and the chargeless pdf copy of this book click given below links. Pdf file size is 7 MB.

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