Ghunia Tul Talebeen by Shiakh Abdul Qadir Gilani


غنیۃ الطالبین

شیخ عبدالقادر جیلانی

      اردو ترجمہ: علامہ ظہیرالدین بدایونی

Free download or read online Urdu Islamic book Ghunia Tul Talebeen by Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani and Urdu translation by Allama Zaheer Uddin Badayuni. Ghunyat ut-Talibeen is the most renowned book of Sayyidina Ghaus al-Azam. Ghunyat means sufficient, and hence the book was written to make it sufficient for the seekers of Truth for their Sharia and Tariqa matters. Although some doubt that a few passages in the book have been altered during the course of history, the book is otherwise a jewel for the seeker, as it is authored by the king of all Awliya.Sheikh Muhi Uddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (a.k.a Gilani) has been far-famed for hundreds of years because the hottest and revered Saint of Islam. He was the founding father of the Qadriya order, the foremost tolerant and charitable of the Sunni order of the dervishes. This order claims innumerable followers throughout the Muslim world. His adherents, WHO knew him as ‘Ghaus-e-Azam’ (the highest within the hierarchy of Saints) revere him for his righteousness, humility, learning and gentleness of spirit. Sheikh Abdul Qadir was born in 1077 in Nif, a village within the district of Gilan  Persia (to the north of current Islamic Republic of Iran ). This was a special mode of spiritual thinking and feeling. A Sufi lives rather a retired life in voluntary economic condition so as to be higher ready to meditate on the Holy Qur’an by seeking to draw nearer to God in prayer. Sheikh Abdul Qadir received the Sufi dress known as the ‘Khirka’, from his leader and patron swayer Qazi Abu Sa’ad Mubarak, head of the Muslim faculty of the Hambalite law. shortly afterwards, a Khanqah ( religious residence ) was designed for him. In 1134, the college of solon al Mukharrini was enlarged by public subscription and also the well-liked swayer was appointed as its head.Easily download click below links at the end of the post. File size is 54MB.

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